Yashita Sari Laptop Sleeve - 13''

349 kr

Make a sustainable style statement and protect your laptop with this unique, eco-friendly sleeve. It's hand-stitched using a pre-loved sari - perfect for work or college. 

We've designed this laptop sleeve with your device in mind. Several layers of upcycled fabric and a thick layer of OEKO-TEX® batting, ensures top-tier protection for your computer. 

Product highlights

  • Compatible with: 13'' MacBook Pro, 13'' MacBook Air and other 13'' laptops
  • Upcycled out of pre-loved jeans
  • Filled with a thick layer of OEKO-TEX® batting
  • Lined with GOTS certified cotton fabric with an AZO-free print of our logo
  • Handmade by rural women in India 
  • Free shipping for orders over 500 DKK
  • Free returns 
    This laptop sleeve is a unique masterpiece, painstakingly crafted from repurposed saris. By breathing new life into discarded textiles, it significantly reduces waste while infusing your tech accessory with timeless charm. Each stitch represents the artistry and dedication of our team of skilled female artisans.

    Your purchase goes beyond owning this eco-friendly product; it's a statement of support for our artisans. We proudly employ women from a small, remote village in Western India, providing them with valuable skills training, fair wages, and the potential to build a better future for themselves and their families.

    Your choice makes a significant impact, helping these women earn a respectable salary, support their families, and contribute to a brighter tomorrow.

    Wash as little as possible to protect the product and planet:  

    • Wash at or below 30°C
    • Machine wash, delicate
    • Iron, medium temperature 
    • Do not bleach, tumble dry or dry clean.

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