With a focused lens on a single, remote village in Western India, NARIKIND aims to empower rural women who are faced with:

Harsh Conditions

These women live in a drought-prone area, where water and power shortages are commonplace. The financial empowerment they gain through our work helps them cope with the challenges of life in such a harsh environment.

Limited Work Opportunities

With the nearest town hours away, the only other work options for these women are on farms, where everything is done by hand and unsafe. By offering alternative employment opportunities, we open doors for a safer and brighter future.

Domestic Issues

In this deeply patriarchal society, women are often expected to stay home. They are anticipated to fulfil household duties, care for the children, and rely entirely on men for financial support. These conditions foster an environment conducive to issues such as domestic abuse, abandonment, and diminished self-worth. 

Despite the improving gender landscape in modern, urban India, remote villages still urgently require progress. We hope to play a small part in making this happen, and break the cycle of dependence. 

What we offer 


Skills Training

We provide comprehensive skills training to equip these women with the tools they need to succeed, both personally and professionally.

Fair Wages

We ensure that these women receive fair wages for their craftsmanship, recognizing their talent and the value they bring to each piece.

Work From Home

We give them sewing machines from our factory, enabling them to work from the comfort and safety of their homes, while balancing the demands of their families.

Work-Life Balance

Working hours are from 9 am to 6 pm, inclusive of a 45-minute lunch break and two tea breaks — as is customary in Indian culture.

Support in Hard Times

Drought season can be tough and water shortages are commonplace. We try our best to provide clean water for the women and their families, by using our in-house water purification and storage units. 

A Better Future

By providing them with stable employment and fair wages, we empower these women to create a brighter future for themselves and their loved ones.

Learn about us

We aim to reduce waste created by the textile industry and only produce items out of used garments - such as jeans and saris - collected and curated by our team in India. We thoroughly wash all garments without using harmful chemicals, dry them in the hot Indian sun and sanitize them, before cutting and sewing them into beautiful new bags, home decor products and gift items.
We strongly believe that women hold the key to change and progress in society. Through safe employment, skill training, fair wages, and the freedom to work from home, NARIKIND aims to give women a stronger voice and the means to create a better life for themselves and their loved ones. Creating a ripple effect of change in a small community.