Vineet Cosmetic Bag - Small

279 kr

Add a touch of bohemian luxury to everyday life with this cosmetic bag. Handcrafted from a pre-loved cotton sari it is a statement of sustainability and elegance, and makes a great gift for your loved ones. 

Product highlights

  • Size:  W23 X H12 X D10 cm
  • Upcycled Beauty: Transformed from a pre-loved sari, embracing eco-friendly chic.
  • OEKO-TEX® Comfort: Filled with OEKO-TEX® batting for eco-conscious cushioning.
  • Golden Touch: Adorned with a luxurious gold-look YKK OEKO-TEX® metal zipper.
  • Artisanal Excellence: Handmade by skilled rural women in India.
  • Shipping Perk: Enjoy free shipping for orders over 500 DKK. 
  • Risk-Free: We offer hassle-free returns.   


    Our cosmetic bag is not just a mere product; it's story of transformation - from being a sari once worn by an Indian woman to being a colorful part of your daily life. By breathing new life into discarded textiles, it goes a long way in reducing waste while imparting an enduring charm to your daily cosmetic essentials. Every line of quilting is carefully sewn with a small distance of just 1 cm between lines, displaying the remarkable artistry and unwavering dedication of our team of skilled female artisans.

    Your purchase goes beyond owning this eco-friendly product; it's a statement of support for our artisans. We proudly employ women from a small, remote village in Western India, providing them with valuable skills training, fair wages, and the potential to build a better future for themselves and their families.

    Your choice makes a significant impact, helping these women earn a respectable salary, support their families, and contribute to a brighter tomorrow.

    Wash as little as possible to protect the product and planet:  

    • Wash at or below 30°C
    • Machine wash, delicate
    • Iron, medium temperature 
    • Do not bleach, tumble dry or dry clean.

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