Hey there friend, and welcome to the colorful crazy world of No Dodo Art. 

No Dodo Art has (knowingly or unknowingly) been a few years in the making. I've been painting all through my childhood, and doodling in margins all through my college years, but becoming a mom is what really got my creative juices flowing. It's weird how motherhood changes the way you think, right? 


I've always loved painting fantastical creatures, and it all started while I was painting a giant mural in my baby's nursery.

I shared a few snapshots of the finished nursery online, and soon after, friends from all over the world started reaching out and asking whether I could paint something special for them. 

That said, my posters aren't just for kids and families. I often draw on memories from our pre-baby life for many of my pieces. Whether it's a geisha dove from Kyoto, or a street artist pigeon from Berlin, my days of traveling with my husband also inspire my posters. 


Our posters are printed on paper from FSC certified tree sources. The cylinders that the posters are shipped in, are also made of sustainable materials. 

While my child has access to a great pre-school and education system, most children from lower income families in my home country of India do not. Which is why I would like our business to pledge a portion of our profits to the Teach for India Foundation. Read more about what they do here. 


Each feather, fang or tuft of fur is painstakingly hand-painted through hours of work using digital tools and media. Our posters are designed and printed in Denmark on 210g matt high quality paper with a 12-color plotter that achieves excellent color accuracy. 

 Designed and produced in DenmarkMade from FSC certified tree sources